About this site

This site is not about any one thing.

I just post occasional snippets of thought, not so much for you, the Mythical Reader, but for myself.  The act of choosing words to express a thought helps crystallize it in my own mind. Plus I might actually need a domain for something someday.

Why the name “boxedteatime”? An anime I adore, K-On!, is about a high school group of girls who start a band in their club.  The band’s name is 放課後ティータイムwhich translates in English to “After-school Tea Time”. I have figures of the characters, which I used to keep for display in acrylic boxes.  Hence, boxed tea time. (I stopped keeping them in acrylic boxes due to several moves across the continent, but domain names are too bothersome to change, so here we are.)  I really do need to get an updated picture of the figures for the splash page, I know.

So, no, this site doesn’t sell tea.