About this site

This site is not about any one thing.

I just post occasional snippets of thought, not so much for you, the Mythical Reader, but for myself.  The act of choosing words to express a thought helps crystallize it in my own mind. Plus I might actually need a domain for something someday.

Why the name “boxedteatime”? An anime I adore, K-On!, is about a high school group of girls who start a band in their club.  The band’s name is 放課後ティータイムwhich translates in English to “After-school Tea Time”. I have figures of the characters, which I keep for display in acrylic boxes.  Hence, boxed tea time.  (The cases are made by Cases for Collectables, a place I can highly recommend.) I really do need to get a higher quality picture of the figures for the splash page, I know.

So, no, this site doesn’t sell tea.