Different frame of mind

I have quite a few pictures and posters hanging up on the walls of my humble abode. I dislike bare walls. Well, not so much dislike, as appreciate the opportunity to place something beautiful up on that bare surface.

My strategy in the past has been to put up the cheaper posters in equally cheap poster hangers, with little regard to how the poster fits inside the frame (as long as it actually does completely fit inside, of course). This has lent a certain “college dorm” feel to my domicile, but since I like to bring in new items and replace the ones I’ve tired of, this has made sense from an economic point of view.

As time goes on (and it certainly tends to do that), there are a few posters that have stayed up, while those around them have succumbed to my ever-changing tastes and ever-whimsical follies. I have started putting the survivors into frames sized specifically for them. They look so much better it’s astonishing.

So my appreciation for a good picture, print, or poster frame has been increasing. The right frame can vastly enhance an artwork, while a poor one can greatly distract from the piece. Framers have an art all their own. Consider this, framewrights, a simple note of appreciation for your work.