Achieving Oldness

Your mad admin is feeling his age these days.

It’s not so much a physical thing. Although due to various medical maladies, I am in some level of pain every day. On good days it’s just the common aches that most old people feel. On bad days it’s a real humdinger, though. But this is not what I am referring to about feeling my age.

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Okay, so your mad admin has not been posting much of late. As per usual, of course. It’s not like there are any actual readers that must be placated with content.

I just don’t really have anything to say. Well, that’s not completely accurate. I have things I could say. I do have opinions on whatever the topic of the day is. (Ever notice that there always seems to be a topic of the day?) I just don’t think my saying it is worth the bother.

I seem to not suffer from what most people, at least online, seem to suffer from: the narcissistic idea that my every fleeting thought is of such monumental importance that it simply must be shared with the entirety of the world. Because my thoughts aren’t that important. They mostly consist of things like “I can’t quite reach that spot on my back that’s itching,” or perhaps “I wish I could still eat my way through an Arby’s like I could when I was young.” Hardly earth-shattering.

So… I don’t. Say anything. I only come here to write something once in a while, to prove the domain isn’t inactive, so that someone doesn’t steal it, which would make me have to get a new email address, which is quite bothersome.

Nonsensical Babblings

I suppose, as your Mad Admin, I should make one last post here at the end of the year.

I still don’t really have anything to say, though. That seems sort of strange, I know; everywhere else on the internet are people pouring out every thought (or more often, emotion) that enters their head. I fail to see much point in that.

I’m sure some head shrinker somewhere would claim I’m depressed and want to pump me full of drugs. I am not depressed though — I am merely melancholy.

Next year I might start posting a bit about anime again. That’s unlikely to cause anyone to hunt me down and eliminate me. I mean, it’s not a guarantee or anything. The odds are low, but not zero.

That’s that

I have completed the sale of my childhood home.

My parents purchased the home before it was built. Our family moved in when it was completed — I was eight months old. Both my parents lived out the rest of their lives there. As adults my sisters moved in and out as their various relationships waxed and waned. I lived there through college and my first job afterwards. Moved out for that second job and never moved back. I visited, but never stayed there again more than a few days in a row. But it belonged to my family for over 50 years.

From my share of the proceeds I will soon be, for only the second time in my adult life, completely out of debt.

But I can’t go home again.

A man’s got to know his limitations

Your mad admin in the process of selling his childhood home. I don’t want to sell it, really, but I can’t live there and my sisters have their own circumstances so either can’t or choose not to live there either. We tried to rent it to a relative, but that fell through before it even started; at least the relative never moved in. Hence, the regretful but necessary sale.

I am not a good negotiator.

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Life, Death, etc.

My mother passed away recently. Not from any disease, or condition, or accident. Just reached the end of her time. It wasn’t unexpected like my father’s passing was, so there’s less shock, I suppose.

I can already see the fights ahead between my siblings over aspects of her estate, which to me is silly because there pretty much wasn’t any. I’m going to get to play referee again, I suppose. When your mad admin is in a situation where he’s the voice of reason, it’s a pretty messed up situation.

I might get a bit more frequent in my posting here. One of the reasons I didn’t post much was the admittedly low, but not zero, chance of something I say here getting back in some way to negatively affect my parents. Well they’re both safe from the slings and arrows of this damned world, so I might speak up a bit more. It doesn’t seem to matter much to me anymore if I move up on some list somewhere of those to be liquidated.

But maybe I won’t anyway. As all Readers are purely Mythical, after all.

Writing to write

I suppose, dear Mythical Reader, that as your mad admin I should post something, here on this last day of the year. If only to make my post count for the year slightly higher.

However, these days saying anything of note just brings trouble. Most anything I have to say about anything going on the world aren’t worth the trouble to say, and are already being said by someone else anyway. Usually said better than a mad admin would say it, as well.

I could tell more of my personal life, I suppose, but the details of a lonely old man who is slowly going mad — well, okay, more mad — are hardly of any import.