Achieving Oldness

Your mad admin is feeling his age these days.

It’s not so much a physical thing. Although due to various medical maladies, I am in some level of pain every day. On good days it’s just the common aches that most old people feel. On bad days it’s a real humdinger, though. But this is not what I am referring to about feeling my age.

I’m mentally tired. Part of it is being able to read about most of humanity’s miseries every single day. Sure, I may be quite, quite mad, but most of the rest of the world has really gone nuts. So I find myself turning away from it more and more.

I’m spending less time watching new anime, since it all seems like not very clever variations on something I’ve seen before. Instead I’m watching shows I’ve already watched. Perhaps the familiar is becoming more comforting to me now.

At least I’m, not yet, as far gone with anime as what happened with me and science fiction. As a child and a youth, I read science fiction, and a bit of fantasy, nearly night and day. Then, I just drifted away from it. Every new book was just a variation on some other story I’d read before. It became stultifyingly boring. Perhaps I read too greedily, and too deep.

But it’s more than just what I read and what I watch. I’m actually flirting with the idea of getting back into stamp collecting. (insert pause here while the Mythical Reader stops choking on whatever he was drinking; never let it be said that reading the thoughts of a madman are without some danger) It’s something I did as a child, and enjoyed, but put it aside as I grew, as children do. I got back into it in my early thirties, but after some years, put it aside again. But I have carted around my admittedly small collection with me throughout these years of wandering, and I can start adding to it again without it being very expensive. Expenses are always an issue when you’re an old coot.

It would mostly just be something to do while I wait to see which exits the world first: me, or western civilization. Better than tiddlywinks, I guess.