Why read manga, why watch anime

Sometimes I do indeed wonder why I bother to watch anime or read manga. I do take breaks from time to time, when things seem to get a tad repetitive. How many wacky hijinks can happen in Japanese high schools, after all.

I think I’ve figured out, if not the reason, at least a reason, why I keep coming back. Because there’s something that anime and manga have the the real world seems to almost utterly lack.

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Notes from the silence

Sorry, your mad admin is not quite passed from the realms of the living. Just been wondering if I should even keep this blog (such as it is) up at all. Seems saying anything about anything these days just invites abuse and denunciations and firings and rotting in the gutter. Hardly seems worth the bother to write anything.

Still, while I’m considering, I can leave a few notes to make sure it doesn’t look like the domain has been abandoned, I suppose.

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As real as real?

That Philosophy 101 class back in my freshman year in college was a very bad idea.

It taught me more than what some dead people once thought about various things, it taught me that reflection on things that most people don’t think about is acceptable (to some, at least) and valuable (again, to some, at least). Which provided validation for my thinking about things that most people don’t bother to think about. Which as it turns out, in most places is not regarded as acceptable or valuable. Plus it gets you talked about.

Still, my stupid useless blog, my stupid useless musings.

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Off in a niche

Well, the idea of trying to use a Bluetooth keyboard with my little iPhone to type on didn’t last long. It’s annoyingly small, the keyboard will lose sync with the phone if I pause to think (how could anyone expect someone writing something to pause to think), and the app I was using is quite difficult to get sync via iTunes so I can actually get the file onto my desktop. iOS is for content consumption, alas; to create something you need Windows. (Or a Mac, I suppose, but why do that when I have a Windows box already?)

So I dug up an old Windows netbook I had stashed away and nearly forgotten about. I’ve taken it into work and I’ll keep it there, and use a little USB drive to move files back and forth. No, I can’t post things from my work machine directly; they have our work machines so locked down and so blocked from internet sites that it’s nearly useless to have an internet connection to them at all. Well, I’ll see how this system works out for me. And of course all the readers out there that don’t actually exist.

I’ve noticed of late another way in which I fail to comfortably fit into the mainstream. Even of anime viewing.
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Subs versus dubs

In my occasional perusal of the Anime News Network (ANN) site, I will sometimes against my better judgement dip into the comment sections. Every time I do I am reminded yet again of several things: 1) I am dissimilar in tastes to almost all the usual ANN commentators, and 2) yea gods and little fishes do those motherfuckers hate subtitled anime.

I myself hate dubbed anime.

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Exercise in futility

Should I write another post?

Eh, might as well.

First, in that last post, I should have stated that I was referring to application programers. System programming is a whole other world. I wanted to be a systems programmer, but at the time that meant moving to Mexifornia, and I wanted no part of that.


I’m less and less inclined to put anything up here, as there’s little point in doing so. First, no one reads it, of course. Second, even as a sounding board for my own ideas… what’s the point?

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