Notes from the silence

Sorry, your mad admin is not quite passed from the realms of the living. Just been wondering if I should even keep this blog (such as it is) up at all. Seems saying anything about anything these days just invites abuse and denunciations and firings and rotting in the gutter. Hardly seems worth the bother to write anything.

Still, while I’m considering, I can leave a few notes to make sure it doesn’t look like the domain has been abandoned, I suppose.

Notes on anime I’ve watched:
Sora no Woto (Sound of the Sky): incredibly good. A wonderful anime. Fantastic story. Mostly ignored by most fans, of course.

Amagi Brilliant Park: very good. Not one I’d probably watch again on a cold winter weekend, but I don’t regret the time spent seeing it. I’d watch a second season if it got one. My main complaint is that there were so many characters, that the ones I was interested in didn’t get much story time.

Black Bullet: great story, interesting characters, but anime made everything incredibly compressed. You could almost see the animators jumping on a suitcase to fit everything inside the too-small space. Blatantly tugged on heart-strings in a few places, but did it well so it’s forgivable. I’d love to see more of that world. I’d start building a shrine to Enju if they’d release figures of her.

Galilei Donna: great characters, but a good story potential ruined by poor direction. Look, any story is going to have a minor plot hole here and there, but Galilei Donna had more plot holes than actual plot. Saved only by very good animation and interesting characters. Hozuki is another candidate for shrine-building.

Brynhildr in the Darkness: very uneven, and that’s being nice. Shoving all the plot into the last two episodes is something even amateurs know better than to do. Good opening music at least, but this anime was mostly a waste of some very good potential. Sad, really.

Nagi no Asukara: actually been quite a while since I watched this, but I don’t think I ever said anything about it. One of the better anime of 2014 (well, 2013 and 2014, I suppose). Animated by P.A. Works, so it’s beautiful, of course.

Glasslip: also animated by P.A. Works, but only fair. Not much happens, and nothing really got resolved. Oh, you can easily imagine whatever resolution you like, but if I’m going to write the plot I’ll stick with fanfic. Still, a treat visually, at least.

Sora no Method: wonderful. Made you want to slap one of the secondary characters, but gently, to wake her up a bit. Good ending.

Tamako Love Story (movie): finally, getting to see the human characters without the damn talking bird. Very good story, and the secondary characters got more screen time, as they damn well deserved.

Majimoji Rurumo: another anime I really liked, that mostly no one else on the planet did. Will never get a second season. Probably won’t be licensed in North America. The manga won’t be licensed, and scanlations of it will probably take years, if it’s not abandoned. *sigh* I have to remind myself to be glad of what I do get, but shows like this make me wish the anime industry didn’t content itself with just boosting manga/novel sales so much. So unless I learn Japanese, I’ll never get the rest of the story. And I’ve already failed at learning Japanese quite enough, thank you.

There’s probably more, but that’s enough grist for the searchbots, who are the only ones who read this anyway.