Why read manga, why watch anime

Sometimes I do indeed wonder why I bother to watch anime or read manga. I do take breaks from time to time, when things seem to get a tad repetitive. How many wacky hijinks can happen in Japanese high schools, after all.

I think I’ve figured out, if not the reason, at least a reason, why I keep coming back. Because there’s something that anime and manga have the the real world seems to almost utterly lack.

Nice people.

Not to say that every character in every anime is nice. There would hardly be epic battles and the like if that were true. But some of them are nice. There are even some anime where everyone is pretty nice. No one hates each other, even when they disagree.

If there are nice people left in the real world, they’re like I am, I suppose. Hiding. Being nice in reality just means you’re the most visible prey, and most likely the next to be bent over and screwed.

Actually being a nice person is not a survival skill, alas. It’s probably one reason this current version of our world won’t last too much longer.

I wonder sometimes if I’ll last long enough to see things really start to fall. I wonder if I want to. I’m not at all sure it would be a good thing.

But at least while I wait, I can read manga, and watch anime, where the memory of nice people is kept. Even though all the people there aren’t real.