Greetings, ye Mythical Readers. It is truly a good thing that no one reads this little exercise in solipsism that your mad admin indulges in.

The reason for the long delay in messaging? Riots, ruin, road rage conviction? Nay, ’tis none of those.

Boredom. Simple, unrelieved boredom.

I have been posting again at the place mentioned in my previous posting, as the political stuff waned away again. I may have been hasty. It is a known property of mad admin, after all, and hence should not be of great surprise to anyone.

The recent anime season completed, and the new shows have started to appear, and…. I am uninterested in them. This has more to due with me than the shows, naturally. I’d rather rewatch a show I’ve seen before and loved, than watch something new that might or might not be worth the effort.

Remember when you were young, and it seemed like all the old people talked all the time about their physical ailments? Only now do I understand. I could do the same to you, if anyone actually read this, which they don’t, but even with your strictly mythical status I would not afflict you in that matter. I’m sure it’s even more boring reading about than it is living through.