Going all in

I’ve been looking forward to Windows 10 for at least a year. My Windows 7 box is at least five years old, and I’ve already had a hard drive go wonky on it (having multiple backups pays off). The motherboard was great for its day, but I can’t put any new expansion boards on it, even into free slots, and have them work; so it’s starting to croak. So I was going to buy a new box, build it from the ground up with the best components I could buy, and put Windows 10 on it.

Same for my cell phone. I started researching the existing Lumnia line, to see what “flagship” phone Microsoft might come out with when Win10 came out. I was tired of using my iPhone 5 with my Win7 box, as things seemed to never work together all that well. Since at work we’re moving to a complete Microsoft shop and getting rid of the old mainframes, it seemed like a great time to move completely to Microsoft on the personal side as well.

I wanted to go “all in”.

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Officially Old

Well, in the past few days I’ve passed one of those milestone birthdays. I am now old. Not even in the most theoretical sense are there any remnants of youth remaining to me.

It’s all rather depressing.

Nothing left now but to slide more or less gracefully into the grave. Although I can say that if there’s some form of afterlife I’m going to be incredibly pissed about the whole thing.

Double bleh

I still don’t have anything to write about, or at least anything that makes me feel both that I should write about it and that it would be wise to commit to written words.

So just assume general angst, whining about getting old and having even more body parts failing and/or hurting, and the same boring complaints about the tedium of existence that every damn human throughout the Earth’s history has felt. So, you know, the usual.

Oh well, I know no one reads this anyway. But the bots need new stuff to catalog, for no one to find, and I suppose the malware scripts that try to smash their way in are disappointed in a robotic way to find out that I do indeed apply the software updates that keep keeping them out. I think. Although if my erstwhile host company is depending on me for their frontline defenses, the whole net is well and truly doomed.

Dooooooooomed. (sorry, I just like saying that. dooooooooooooooomed)

(I told you I was mad.)


I’m just posting something so it doesn’t look like the domain has been abandoned. It hasn’t. I just can’t think of anything to say. Well, nothing that won’t get me on a list somewhere.

Ouch ouch owie ouch

I spent the weekend putting together bookcases from IKEA. This is not so I can store more books, but so I can store more anime figures. Of which I have far far too many, and yet somehow still not enough. The human heart is ever a paradox. The human back, however, screams loud and clear — pain pain pain.

This is not due to IKEA’s assemble-it-yourself design philosophy, though. I know plenty of people complain about how putting together IKEA furniture is difficult, but I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s like a 3D puzzle that you actually get to use for something after it’s done. No, I’m just too damn old to do stuff like this by myself without straining something somewhere.

But at least it’s together. I’ll wait until later in the week to actually put any figures in it, because right now I think I’d drop half of them. That, and I’m starting to compare the space in the bookshelves and the boxes of items that still need to be displayed… and I’m not sure if I won’t still need even more space.

I’m considering going back to collecting stamps. I don’t have to build things to collect stamps.

Oh well, at least the Vicodin pills love me.

Don’t quote me on that

I am old. You have to be old to get to be as mad as your mad administrator is.

Being old, I remember things that don’t seem to be around much anymore. Even on the big ol’ bad internet. Like quote files. Remember quote files? Back in USENET days, they were a big thing. I’m not sure why. Humans don’t always make much sense, after all.

Anyway, in doing some cleanup work on my computer files, I ran across my old quote file. For you whippersnappers (or future archeologists), a quote file is a simple text file of quotes that you’ve run across in your life or digital travels, that struck you enough to copy it and put in the file. That’s all. Nothing profound, I’m afraid.

Still, it seemed it would make a nice post here in my little dead end corner of nothing and nowhere. Hence, here are the entries in my quote file. How long ago I put them in, or when I stopped adding them, I no longer have the slightest idea…

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Notes from the silence

Sorry, your mad admin is not quite passed from the realms of the living. Just been wondering if I should even keep this blog (such as it is) up at all. Seems saying anything about anything these days just invites abuse and denunciations and firings and rotting in the gutter. Hardly seems worth the bother to write anything.

Still, while I’m considering, I can leave a few notes to make sure it doesn’t look like the domain has been abandoned, I suppose.

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