Ouch ouch owie ouch

I spent the weekend putting together bookcases from IKEA. This is not so I can store more books, but so I can store more anime figures. Of which I have far far too many, and yet somehow still not enough. The human heart is ever a paradox. The human back, however, screams loud and clear — pain pain pain.

This is not due to IKEA’s assemble-it-yourself design philosophy, though. I know plenty of people complain about how putting together IKEA furniture is difficult, but I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s like a 3D puzzle that you actually get to use for something after it’s done. No, I’m just too damn old to do stuff like this by myself without straining something somewhere.

But at least it’s together. I’ll wait until later in the week to actually put any figures in it, because right now I think I’d drop half of them. That, and I’m starting to compare the space in the bookshelves and the boxes of items that still need to be displayed… and I’m not sure if I won’t still need even more space.

I’m considering going back to collecting stamps. I don’t have to build things to collect stamps.

Oh well, at least the Vicodin pills love me.