Your mad admin writes very little here, as there are other outlets on the interwebs where he can spew his insanity. There are even a couple where his foam-flecked rantings are somewhat appreciated.

There is one less of those, now.

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Bottom line

It’s rather a strange feeling to realize that it is far more cost efficient to go ahead and pay the morticians to dispose of you, than to pay the doctors to keep you alive.

The idea of single-payer medical care (that is, the government paying for it all) used to bother me. It felt like enslaving all the doctors and nurses and hospitals and forcing them to provide care.

After the past few years of interacting rather frequently with what is called the health-care system here in my dying country, I’m a lot more okay with the idea of enslaving the lot of them. There isn’t a one of them that cares about me (other than my coughing up the cash), so why should I care about them?

Sure, the quality of care will go down. It’s already going down. What’s the difference?

And yes, I am fully aware that recent legal changes were probably designed to get people to think precisely the way I’m thinking now. Well, it worked.

At least morticians end your pain, rather than stretching it out over decades for their own profit.

Up late at night

Here I am, making another post at my blog, which I only use because it more or less came with the domain, which I wanted for email. I’m up in pain, from oral surgery, because my CPAP mask hits right on the spot where the surgery was.

Fortunately there is Vicodin, or to be precise the generic version thereof. There is also internet purchasing of goods, which is easier to justify to myself when on all this Vicodin.

This will not end well. It never does.


As I write this, a storm is raging outside. The thunder is shaking the cheap glass in the apartment windows. The flashes of lightning strobing as they interplay with the flashes of the interior lights as they struggle to remain on, the power coming and going. Laptops are good to have at times like this.
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New banner

I finally updated the banner image here on my little site.

Of course this one also rather sucks. The art of photography completely escapes me, I’m afraid.

Oh well, no one cares.

Still ticking along

It’s certainly about time that I added something new to this silly empty little blog of mine.

And as soon as I think of anything worth saying, I will do just that.

Breath-holding is not recommended.