To write or not to write

Your mad admin is toying with the idea of writing down some of his memories. They’re sure to be quite boring memories, of course, for I am neither a devil nor a saint. Although my habit of switching from first person to third person and back again probably tilts me a bit towards the devil side.

Forgive me my little peccadilloes.

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Being quiet

Another couple of months have gone by, and I’ve posted nothing, as per usual. I really don’t have anything to say, I guess.

I’m currently waiting to move out of my current living arrangement, which is less conducive to thought than I would wish it to be. Perhaps once I move, I’ll have something more to say. Right now all I have are great feelings of oppressiveness. Hardly interesting for anyone to read, let alone for me to write.

I mean, sure, your mad admin is quite mad, but there’s mad and then there’s sinking deeper into the madness.