Subs versus dubs

In my occasional perusal of the Anime News Network (ANN) site, I will sometimes against my better judgement dip into the comment sections. Every time I do I am reminded yet again of several things: 1) I am dissimilar in tastes to almost all the usual ANN commentators, and 2) yea gods and little fishes do those motherfuckers hate subtitled anime.

I myself hate dubbed anime.

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Exercise in futility

Should I write another post?

Eh, might as well.

First, in that last post, I should have stated that I was referring to application programers. System programming is a whole other world. I wanted to be a systems programmer, but at the time that meant moving to Mexifornia, and I wanted no part of that.


I’m less and less inclined to put anything up here, as there’s little point in doing so. First, no one reads it, of course. Second, even as a sounding board for my own ideas… what’s the point?

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