Exercise in futility

Should I write another post?

Eh, might as well.

First, in that last post, I should have stated that I was referring to application programers. System programming is a whole other world. I wanted to be a systems programmer, but at the time that meant moving to Mexifornia, and I wanted no part of that.


I’m less and less inclined to put anything up here, as there’s little point in doing so. First, no one reads it, of course. Second, even as a sounding board for my own ideas… what’s the point?

The things I might like to say that aren’t banal and boring, are the things I’m afraid to say at all. And I do mean actual speaking out loud, not just silly text blog posts.

My job is precarious enough — whose isn’t these days? — and even the smallest, slightest of risks that might endanger my job is too big a risk to take. No matter what you say these days, it seems, there’s someone out there ready to “take offense”, and punish me for badthought by getting me fired.

I just paused, wondering if someone would take offense at my putting the phrase “take offense” in quotes.

Am I paranoid? Only if I’m wrong about people being out to get me. Not that anyone is out to get me, personally; but there are people out there who want to get someone, anyone, and I’d probably do just fine.

I know precisely when I will retire. Until then, my primary job skill is going to be “keeping my mouth shut”. But I honestly don’t think I’ll last that long.

If I do, and I still have this domain for whatever strange reason, I’ll start to write what I actually think, and feel, and believe. Some Mythical Readers might even agree with me.

Until then, it’s very occasional anime posts.

This month I’m enamored of Marika Kato, of Bodacious Space Pirates. I wish the show were more popular than it is, so that more associated merchandise would exist. I suppose the little that will be produced will simply be more highly valued. Like treasure. Pirate treasure.

See? I don’t dare talk about anything substantial, so you get bad puns. You deserve it, all of you. Writhe in pun-inflicted agony, Mythical Reader; writhe.