Not secure

Apparently many browsers have or will start giving their users dire warnings whenever they visit a web page that is not cryptographically secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Which means that any Mythical Readers visiting here are going to get all those warnings. Which is rather silly, because said Mythical Readers aren’t interacting with the site. You’re just downloading my navel-gazing posts.

I’m not asking you for your password. I don’t want your credit card number. I don’t even serve ads or crap like that. There’s nothing to encrypt.

But the browser makers think that the only use for a browser is to consume content. Consume consume consume. Mere reading is beyond their comprehension, I suppose. Silly asses, they are.

Still, if anyone wanders across these little posts of mine, you’ve gotten through whatever phalanx of warnings you were given. Congratulations. If only there were something here worth reading.