Writing to write

I suppose, dear Mythical Reader, that as your mad admin I should post something, here on this last day of the year. If only to make my post count for the year slightly higher.

However, these days saying anything of note just brings trouble. Most anything I have to say about anything going on the world aren’t worth the trouble to say, and are already being said by someone else anyway. Usually said better than a mad admin would say it, as well.

I could tell more of my personal life, I suppose, but the details of a lonely old man who is slowly going mad — well, okay, more mad — are hardly of any import.

Change for the sake of change

Well, WordPress changed everything again. Now your mad admin has to figure out a whole new way to write his insane postings.

I don’t mind change when there’s something to be gained from the change.  I suppose the big companies who use WordPress might be gaining something to have a new editor with which to shove their advertising down your throat when you visit their sites.  For me, though, this is just useless.  Yeah, they’re keeping the old editor available as a plug in, but I have enough experience with useless change to know that I should start learning the new stuff now.

Perhaps by the time I get fairly good at this one, they’ll change it again to something else.

Hopefully this works

Your mad admin has once again shuffled around things behind the scenes on the site. Hosting company has been changed, thanks to some much cheaper hosting as well as a pretty good Black Friday deal.

None of this should affect any readers here, not only because Readers here are only of the Mythical kind. If things go wrong, though, it’ll be a right royal row getting any of it fixed.

Moving in the digital world is almost as bad as moving in the physical world.

Okay then, secure

Figures. A couple of days after I post my previous entry wherein I decline to bother putting in SSL to this little site of your mad admin (because I ain’t paying for it), the hosting company gives everyone free SSL.

Well, if it’s free, I might as well use it, right? So you should now be seeing this via secured link after all. If you were seeing it at all. Which you’re not, because all Readers here are purely Mythical.

I suppose I could post controversial topics, and put in some kind of commenting section where people could yell at each other, and thus gain views. I don’t care about views. There are millions of places to yell at each other already all over the internet in all human languages. If you want to yell, go to one of them. I still decline to contribute to the din.

Not secure

Apparently many browsers have or will start giving their users dire warnings whenever they visit a web page that is not cryptographically secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Which means that any Mythical Readers visiting here are going to get all those warnings. Which is rather silly, because said Mythical Readers aren’t interacting with the site. You’re just downloading my navel-gazing posts.

I’m not asking you for your password. I don’t want your credit card number. I don’t even serve ads or crap like that. There’s nothing to encrypt.

But the browser makers think that the only use for a browser is to consume content. Consume consume consume. Mere reading is beyond their comprehension, I suppose. Silly asses, they are.

Still, if anyone wanders across these little posts of mine, you’ve gotten through whatever phalanx of warnings you were given. Congratulations. If only there were something here worth reading.