Yet among the living

I suppose my duties as a mad admin include posting something once in a while, if only to make sure the domain doesn’t appear to be abandoned.

I haven’t completed putting together all the bookcases yet. I did complete the rolling file cabinet and the bedroom drawers, so that’s something. The problem is that since I’m really still setting up my apartment, I’m still acquiring household items. Like a replacement for the first microwave that I bought, which lasted 3 days beyond its 90-day warranty. I have these items delivered, since with my knees walking through a huge warehouse store, or even the grocery store, would be far too painful. So since everything is delivered, everything comes in a cardboard box. I don’t need the cardboard boxes, so I have to discard them.

Discarding the cardboard boxes, along with the normal household garbage, involves carrying the garbage bags out to my car, then driving them to the huge trash compactor my apartment complex has, carrying them from my car to where the chute for the compactor is located, and throwing them in. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for my knees, which by the end of this process are reminding your mad admin precisely why he was granted that disability pension. Pain, my dear Mythical Readers, lots of juicy pain. So while I can, and do, take things to be thrown away, that’s pretty much all I’m able to do that day. Other than ramble incoherently on my little blog of nothing, of course.

More, anon. (No, not the abbreviation for “anonymous”, the actual word. It is one, you know.)