Life as a shut-in

Well my area is under lockdown due to the corona virus. We huddle in our homes. No one comes near anyone else.

I… kind of… like it.

See, your mad admin is rather an introvert anyway. I stay home all the time out of preference. Normally the only time I leave the apartment is to get the mail, take the garbage out, and get groceries. Occasionally I’ll visit a family member. The only change now is that I don’t visit family members.

So far the only impact on me is that some packages from Japan have been held at the post office, because the apartment complex office is closed and the carriers won’t deliver to our actual doors. I’ll get them eventually, I suppose, once the office reopens. Since the neighbors are home more, they make more noise, which is annoying. Oh, and I can’t get toilet paper or distilled water from the grocery store. Neither item is in critical shortage for me yet, so I’m fairly confident that the supply lines will restock before it becomes a problem.

Otherwise I just stay inside, like I always do. It is kind of fun to watch (online, of course) all the extroverts slowly going crazy.