Well, it mostly came

Yes, the IKEA stuff came, but not all of it. Of the many items which were ordered, one small file cabinet and the corner brackets for the bookcases weren’t on the pallet with the rest of my order. At least that’s what the driver claimed. Why they sent out just one guy to carry all that stuff in, I do not know.

So I tried to contact IKEA about the missing items. Their phone system kept hanging up on me. Seriously, I’d get through the phone maze to a particular choice, and it would say “We are experiencing large call volumes” and then it hung up on me. So I tried using their online contact form, but that’s designed with in-person warehouse purchases in mind, not online orders. There were a lot of required fields that needed data from a physical receipt you’d get if you purchased at the warehouse. I just had to fill them in with fake info, and submit it that way.

It took them two weeks to even get back to me. They did send the items to me, at least, but damn that’s really poor customer service. I won’t be buying anything from IKEA in the future.

Thus far I’ve only gotten a couple of items put together, because I haven’t been feeling all that well of late. Your mad admin is not in the best of health, alas. Death by particle board is still a possibility.