Well, it mostly came

Yes, the IKEA stuff came, but not all of it. Of the many items which were ordered, one small file cabinet and the corner brackets for the bookcases weren’t on the pallet with the rest of my order. At least that’s what the driver claimed. Why they sent out just one guy to carry all that stuff in, I do not know.

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It comes!

Well, the IKEA delivery folks are scheduled for next week. It’ll probably take me a month to, very slowly, put together all the drawers and bookcases and display cases I have ordered. The bookcases will require me to hoist my aching knees up the ladder, I’m afraid. Falling off has a higher probability than I would like to admit.

If I never post again, know that your mad admin died under an avalanche of particle board. There are worse ways to go.


Your mad admin is now moved into his own place. As is usual with moving, I am bone tired. Getting used to a new place at my advanced age and advanced madness is quite the undertaking, but I’ll settle in given time. At least there is less dog barking going on here than at my previous abode.

Maybe I’ll start posting more often than twice a year. Not that it matters at all, at all, to Readers who are merely Mythical.

To write or not to write

Your mad admin is toying with the idea of writing down some of his memories. They’re sure to be quite boring memories, of course, for I am neither a devil nor a saint. Although my habit of switching from first person to third person and back again probably tilts me a bit towards the devil side.

Forgive me my little peccadilloes.

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Being quiet

Another couple of months have gone by, and I’ve posted nothing, as per usual. I really don’t have anything to say, I guess.

I’m currently waiting to move out of my current living arrangement, which is less conducive to thought than I would wish it to be. Perhaps once I move, I’ll have something more to say. Right now all I have are great feelings of oppressiveness. Hardly interesting for anyone to read, let alone for me to write.

I mean, sure, your mad admin is quite mad, but there’s mad and then there’s sinking deeper into the madness.


Years ago your mad admin moved from his midwest American home state down to a southwestern state. Part of the reason for the move was to find better job prospects; that only turned out middling well. I did not starve.

But mostly, the reason was to get the hell away from the snow.

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