Going all in

I’ve been looking forward to Windows 10 for at least a year. My Windows 7 box is at least five years old, and I’ve already had a hard drive go wonky on it (having multiple backups pays off). The motherboard was great for its day, but I can’t put any new expansion boards on it, even into free slots, and have them work; so it’s starting to croak. So I was going to buy a new box, build it from the ground up with the best components I could buy, and put Windows 10 on it.

Same for my cell phone. I started researching the existing Lumnia line, to see what “flagship” phone Microsoft might come out with when Win10 came out. I was tired of using my iPhone 5 with my Win7 box, as things seemed to never work together all that well. Since at work we’re moving to a complete Microsoft shop and getting rid of the old mainframes, it seemed like a great time to move completely to Microsoft on the personal side as well.

I wanted to go “all in”.

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