Don’t quote me on that

I am old. You have to be old to get to be as mad as your mad administrator is.

Being old, I remember things that don’t seem to be around much anymore. Even on the big ol’ bad internet. Like quote files. Remember quote files? Back in USENET days, they were a big thing. I’m not sure why. Humans don’t always make much sense, after all.

Anyway, in doing some cleanup work on my computer files, I ran across my old quote file. For you whippersnappers (or future archeologists), a quote file is a simple text file of quotes that you’ve run across in your life or digital travels, that struck you enough to copy it and put in the file. That’s all. Nothing profound, I’m afraid.

Still, it seemed it would make a nice post here in my little dead end corner of nothing and nowhere. Hence, here are the entries in my quote file. How long ago I put them in, or when I stopped adding them, I no longer have the slightest idea…

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