A year is short, and also long

A year ago my best friend died.

He was at home in his room, playing video games. He would almost hide in his room most of the time, as he shared the house with his sister, his sister’s daughter (his niece), the niece’s two kids, and whatever person was his niece’s “friend” that week. He was no lover of chaos, so the room was his retreat.

Lest I make him sound like some kind of a loser, living with his sister, let me explain that the house was originally their parents’ home. My friend left his good paying job across the state to move in with his mother, when she could no longer quite make it living by herself, for health reasons. He found a new job in this area… but when the economy tanked, he had too little time on that job to survive the cutbacks. So while taking care of his mother, he worked what jobs he could. It was hard on him, and I had to help him out with short term loans at times — which I didn’t mind a bit, because he’d helped me in the same way earlier when I was between jobs.

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Off in a niche

Well, the idea of trying to use a Bluetooth keyboard with my little iPhone to type on didn’t last long. It’s annoyingly small, the keyboard will lose sync with the phone if I pause to think (how could anyone expect someone writing something to pause to think), and the app I was using is quite difficult to get sync via iTunes so I can actually get the file onto my desktop. iOS is for content consumption, alas; to create something you need Windows. (Or a Mac, I suppose, but why do that when I have a Windows box already?)

So I dug up an old Windows netbook I had stashed away and nearly forgotten about. I’ve taken it into work and I’ll keep it there, and use a little USB drive to move files back and forth. No, I can’t post things from my work machine directly; they have our work machines so locked down and so blocked from internet sites that it’s nearly useless to have an internet connection to them at all. Well, I’ll see how this system works out for me. And of course all the readers out there that don’t actually exist.

I’ve noticed of late another way in which I fail to comfortably fit into the mainstream. Even of anime viewing.
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