Communication Difficulties

Well let’s see if this works…

I suppose it does.

Well, then.

Welcome back, Mythical Readers. Your favorite mad writer has been away for a bit. Sadly, he writes most of these missives at work during his down times. In the past, this was done on his computer, and he transferred his work to a USB drive, then later to his home computer, and hence out into the interwebs to be vastly ignored. Alas, his employer hath rendered all USB connections to all work computers read-only, as a way of blocking a possible avenue of release of “sensitive client information”. While leaving the DVD writer in my particular machine functioning perfectly, at least for now. Well, they employ a madman, so we can’t expect too much rational behavior from them, I suppose.

So I have transitioned to writing this on my little iPhone, on a portable Bluetooth keyboard that I brought in for the purpose. This is not an ideal method of composing missives for you, the voracious mythical readers, but one does what one must. Besides, on slow days at work your humble mad writer must do something to remain awake.

Lest I give an impression of idleness and sloth via misunderstanding, let me hasten to assure you that while I am indeed perhaps the foremost avatar of idleness and sloth existing within living humanity, my job does not consist of nothing. It’s merely that what I do (which I will not disclose, lest you die of boredom) relies in part on the actions of others, most of whom forget that they have to do such tasks until it is time for them to fill out their weekly task reports. Whereupon they dash out a a few items that are sent on to me, so that their reports need not be entirely blank.

Thus my work is either non-existent, or overwhelming. I write this during one of the former periods, while I await the onslaught of the latter.

Not that I actually have anything much to say at the moment. Still, this is a proof of concept, as it were, of my new method of communication to… well, to no one, as this blog is read by no one, of course. I am typing to myself, as always.

I wonder if I had multiple personalities, I could just talk directly to myself and skip all this technological intermediary.

With this, perhaps my rate of submissions into the uncaring ether shall increase. We shall see. Or at least I will.