Happy Birthday Azusa Nakano

I suppose that if I continued with my tradition of birthday wishes for all of the main characters of the K-On! anime, that this post would be topped with the animated gif of Azusa with the flashing star over her eye, that I’ve done for the others thus far. The rest of the post would be filled with other animated gifs of Azusa.

None of that is going to happen, I’m afraid.

It’s not that Azusa isn’t a character I like. It isn’t that I don’t think that animated gifs are worthwhile; frankly, I like them.

I just don’t see the point of doing them myself.

Frankly, damn near every scene of the entire TV run and the movie for K-On! has already been converted into anigifs. There is no reason for me to duplicate that work.

That’s why in other places, of late, I’ve been making anigifs from other anime that I like, anime that is less known. Maybe, I thought, someone would see it and thus be guided to the anime which it is from, and also enjoy it as I did.

There’s a problem with that idea.

There is so much stuff out there, that there is no way to be noticed. Well, other than putting up a video on the usual sites of yourself losing a body part — that will still get you noticed. But I’m still rather attached to my attachments, thanks all the same.

Hell, there’s too much anime being produced to keep track of it all from season to season. You see an image of an anime character or scene, and it looks interesting… but if the anime isn’t identified right there where the image or video was posted, there is absolutely no point in trying to track it down. There just isn’t time. At least not for me. I have physical DVDs of anime I bought six months ago that I haven’t had time to view, yet.

So plunking my little contributions into that vast sea seems utterly meaningless. Particularly since I’m not all that good at it to begin with.

Even the one area of artistic endeavor that I do have some little skill at, writing, is lost in a vast sea of everyone else’s writing.

And frankly, as much as I hate to admit this to myself, I actually want someone to state that something I did is good, or that they liked it. Because otherwise, I can but assume it is shit.

There is enough shit in the world; I need not add to it.

Except for these blog posts, of course. Good thing no one reads them.